Christmas 2017 | Pick n Pay

1. Boerewors in blankets

PnP Grabouw Boerewors + PnP streaky Bacon + PnP Rosemary

Locally loved boerewors gets a makeover for your dinner party in this boerewors in blankets recipe.

2. Caprese mozzarella cigars

Break these cheesy phyllo cigars open to reveal oozing mozzarella – perfect to dip in tomato sauce! Just watch this video to see for yourself.

3. Sticky cola chicken wings

Cola and soy sauce combine to make a deliciously sweet and sticky sauce for chicken wings. Watch this easy step-by-step video.

4. Bacon chilli poppers

Skip the batter and wrap creamy chilli poppers in bacon. This video shows you how to do it.

5. Braailoumi

Halloumi was made for the braai! Buy this ready-prepared cheese starter from Pick n Pay.