Christmas 2017 | Pick n Pay

1. Quick chicken pie

Surprise guests for dinner? Nothing an easy chicken pie with puff pastry can’t sort out.

2. Party empanadas

These tasty salmon pockets are incredibly quick to put together and are sure to get the party started.

3. Tomato and goat’s cheese tarts

This tartlet recipe makes for an easy starter and moreish finger food for a sophisticated cocktail party.

4. Pigs in pastry blankets

Prepare these pigs in puff pastry blankets ahead – they’re easily baked from frozen!

5. Peach and almond danishes

These peach breakfast danishes are the perfect snack whilst unwrapping presents on Christmas morning.

6. Mini pineapple tartes Tatin

These summer-ready pineapple tartes Tatin take us straight to holidaying in the tropics.