Christmas 2017 | Pick n Pay

1. The wine bottle trick

Wine can be impossible to wrap! Have some fun with it by inserting a bottle of bubbly or wine into a (new) long sock. Neatly fold over the open end and use the other sock to tie a bow. Two gifts in one!

2. Personalised wrapping paper

Draw large initials onto newspaper, then carefully cut out the letters. Stick onto presents to create fun labels.

3. Double wrap

Use white boxes for your gifts, then add a layer of monochrome patterned gift-wrapping, brown paper and ribbons to seal the present. Cut out stars and trees from scrapbook paper to make cards.

4. Wrap it in another gift

Take inspiration from the Japanese art of furoshiki and enclose your present in a scarf instead of store-bought paper. It’s something a bit different, and the recipient gets the bonus of a double present.

All tricks and images courtesy of Fresh Living.