Christmas 2017 | Pick n Pay

1. Cheat’s tropical frozen yoghurt

Keep it cool and make this summertime tropical frozen yoghurt recipe.

2. Hummingbird cupcakes

Because if it’s a cupcake dressed up like a pineapple, we’re in.

3. BBQ-pineapple tortillas

Hands down the best sweet and sour tortilla wrap recipe you can shake a pineapple at.

4. Ideal milk and pineapple cake

Fluffy, moist and downright delicious. Just a summary of what you’ll get out of this easy tray-bake recipe.

5. Tinned pineapple tarte tatin

Tinned pineapple and ready-made puff pastry mean all the hard work for this pineapple tarte tatin recipe is done!