Christmas 2017 | Pick n Pay

1. Plan your eating.

It’s difficult to resist yummy food, but give yourself a fighting chance with a little planning. Offer to bring a plate of healthy snacks to your next festive gathering, so you know there will be at least one healthy dish to eat once you’re there.

2. Keep moving!

More food and drink means more reason to stay active and burn kilojoules. Adopt the festive feeling into your fitness routine and make it fun – get out into the sunshine whenever you can with walks, runs or outdoor yoga.

3. Be alcohol savvy.

Cut kilojoules and alcohol content by adding water! Mix white wine and sparkling water for spritzers, and opt for cocktails made with soda water rather than lemonade or fruit juice.

4. Strike a balance.

It’s fine to have a few days of indulgent fun, but if you keep it up for months your body’s going to feel it! Stay mindful of what this season is really about – connecting with friends, or perhaps getting to know colleagues or in-laws better. Don’t feel bad about picking your parties and saying no to some.

5. Ditch the guilt.

Okay, so you’ve polished off a whole platter of koeksisters or skipped your run again. What now? Repeat after us: “Tomorrow’s another day.” Implement one of the steps above and nudge yourself back towards healthy living.

Article adapted from Fresh Living magazine.