Christmas 2017 | Pick n Pay

1. Choose easy-to-prepare food.

Spend more time at the party and less time in the kitchen!

2. Always go for a crowd-pleaser – the stickier, the better.

And you don’t get more crowd-pleasing than the iconic barbeque chicken wings with blue cheese sauce.

3. Throw in a trendy dish.

Wow your guests with a flavoured braailoumi skewer to grill over smokin’ hot coals.

4. Get as much as possible done before everyone arrives.

These party pork báhn mì rolls may require a little extra effort, but you can prepare the whole lot before your guests arrive.

5. Add your own touch to a convenience dish.

Claim the fame by adding your own flair and flavour to ready-made dishes, like this loaded Spanish hummus recipe. Find more easy convenience recipes here.