Christmas 2017 | Pick n Pay

1. Malaysian satay

You can make the sauce for these chilli-spiked chicken kebabs a day ahead, so there’s less prep work just before the party.

2. Pea and feta dip

Here’s a fresh summer dip that’s vibrant, delicious, and even healthier than it looks.

3. Baked bean and charred red pepper dip

Warning: this sweet and smoky addition to your mezze platter is totally addictive.

4. Sriracha mayonnaise

A simple crowd-pleaser that’s as easy as mixing three everyday condiments together.

5. Veggie chips and dip

The tastiest way to eat your five a day? Simply must be crispy DIY veggie chips with yoghurt sauce.

6. Saucy chocolate fondue

It’s not really unhealthy if you’re serving this rich dessert with fruit, right?