Christmas 2017 | Pick n Pay

Starter: Three-cheese roosterkoek

Why stop at one when you can stuff your roosterkoek with three cheeses.
The cheat’s option: PnP Garlic & Herb Focaccia

Main: Weber gammon with chutney glaze

Cooking gammon on the Weber adds extra smokiness and a whole lot more family time.
The cheat’s option: PnP Sliced Glazed Gammon

Sides: Chargrilled beetroot salad

Beetroot grilled over the braai is the perfect festive side you didn’t know you were missing.
The cheat’s option: PnP Tangy Beetroot Salad

Dessert: Self-saucing toffee pudding

Do all the prep for this self-saucing braai pud before the guests arrive, then let it cook slowly on the coals as you feast on your main meal.
The cheat’s option: PnP Sticky Toffee Pudding