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Green your gifts

Head to your garden for the freshest Christmas wrapping ideas.

Make your presents stand out with living foliage, fragrant herbs, spices with seasonal scents and other botanical beautifiers straight from the garden.

Press a few of your favourite flowers for easy application to wrapped gifts. Simply place some pretty buds, flowers and leaves between the pages of old telephone books. Stack with heavy items and leave until dried.

Choose aromatic herbs and spices to bring out the scent of Christmas. Cinnamon sticks, fresh rosemary or sprigs of fresh bay leaves are a delightful way to bring nature to the festivities.

Keep things trendy with air plants. Not only will they look totally chic on any and all wrapped gifts, they also make a bonus gift!

Add a touch of nature to the gift tag. Small flowers, pretty leaves and even seed pods can be secured with a bit of colourful tape for instant wow.

Double up on the flower power by using floral wrapping paper as well as a small bouquet of flowers to decorate. The only catch? These gifts might just be too pretty to open.

Mandy Allen