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Christmas brownie points

Looking for fresh gift-wrapping ideas? Try old-school brown paper.

Kraft paper (also known as butcher paper) is super affordable, eco-friendly (being biodegradable, unbleached and recyclable) and there’s so much more you can make than just brown paper packages tied up with string. These are a few of our favourite things to create with this trusty stationery standby:

Imprint patterns with paper doilies by placing them on top of your brown paper and dabbing with a sponge lightly dipped in paint. Alternatively, glue doilies directly on to the paper.

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Raid your kid’s paint stash and create artful splatters, Jackson Pollock style. Stick to one or two colours, a palette in the same shade or go for the full rainbow effect.

Stock up on pom-pom trim from your local haberdashery and wrap around your gift parcel as you would with ribbon. Stick on additional pom-poms with small amounts of clear-drying liquid glue for even more excitement.

Take inspiration from curio shops and use several kinds of washi tape, old postage stamps, vintage-style gift tags and decorative mini jingles to make intriguing, multilayered packages.

Take inspiration from the office and use stationery dots, ring reinforcement stickers or even sticky notes for cheerful DIY wrapping paper.

Mandy Allen