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6 people you may have forgotten this Christmas

While you’re drawing up your list and checking it twice, you might have overlooked a few people who were more than nice.

Been a good Christmas shopper this year and covered all your friends, family and loved ones? That’s great! But there are some people that are constants in your life you may not have even considered.

Your child’s teacher
Quite likely, this person spends more hours of the day with your child than you do. Let them know you’re grateful with a little something. Anything from a box of soothing tea to a spa voucher should be very well received.

The postman
Even though you probably never see the postman, this person delivers some of the best and worst news to your door every day. Show a little Christmas spirit with a tip or some homemade baked goods.

The bin collectors
Don’t forget to tip the people who deal with your pa-rum-pum-pum-pum every week. A tip is usually preferred to other goods, and most often this all goes into one kitty to be shared over Christmas.

Your domestic worker
The person who cleans your home probably knows more about you than you’d care to admit. Thank them for their hard work throughout the year by adding a thoughtful gift to their annual bonus.

A local charity
Embrace the spirit of giving and think of those who go without. Support your local night shelter with some non-perishable items, or pick up some pet food for the SPCA. Easier yet, head to a Smart Shopper kiosk and donate your points to any of the 27 organisations Pick n Pay supports.

Your neighbours
While John Bloggs from 23 may sing at the top of his lungs in the shower every morning, he did come round and water your plants when you were away that one time. Spread a little joy to your neighbours with some tasty baked goods and extend the goodwill into the new year.

Meg de Jong